Maureen became unemployed in November 2020 after experiencing hearing loss issues.  She was referred to Liverpool in Work by Liverpool City Council’s Benefits Maximisation Team.  Due to the pandemic and being unable to meet face to face, Maureen registered with Debbie over the phone by text.

Maureen had been working within retail but due to her heightened hearing loss at the time, she said she would prefer a non-facing customer role.  Debbie updated her CV and Maureen received ‘Liverpool in Work’s latest vacancies’ via email on a regular basis.  Maureen applied for some warehouse roles but as her hearing improved and confidence grew, Maureen and Debbie discussed other roles that Maureen may be interested in.  Maureen has a good work history and has had roles including: customer service/admin/reception/TV and Film Production, and has also volunteered within a domestic violence support organisation.  Maureen began searching for other types of jobs and applied for a range of roles within the Civil Service, NHS and Liverpool City Council. She spoke with Cathy from Liverpool In Work about care /support work and became keen to find an opportunity which would offer her training and enable her to increase her skills and utilise her previous experience.

Maureen was not confident with application forms and as Maureen and Debbie were still unable to meet face to face, Debbie talked through each application with her over the phone, prepared applications and personal statements and emailed them to Maureen.  They did the same again when Maureen was offered interviews.  In May 2021 Debbie emailed Maureen information about Liverpool John Moore’s University’s Positive Action Training Programme.  Maureen was keen and applied for several vacancies. Debbie helped with her personal statement and Maureen also attended an application session at a local Mosque where other staff from Liverpool In Work were supporting applicants. Here Maureen met Jenny, another Guidance Officer and Lynne from the Employer Liaison team who were able to offer face to face advice and support.

In July 2021 Maureen was pleased to be offered interviews for three out of the four vacancies she applied for. Once again Debbie and Maureen talked through some interview techniques and Debbie sent some information to Maureen to read to help her prepare.  She was finally offered a job as Trainee Faculty Administrator and started in September.

We say: ‘We are so pleased for Maureen, all of her hard work and persistence has finally paid off and she has been offered a full time job where she can hopefully learn and develop her career.’

Maureen says: ‘Thank you so much for all your help. I honestly couldn’t have done it without you. So excited.’