Are you a socially responsible organisation that wants to make a real difference to young people’s lives?

We have a number of young people with learning disabilities and difficulties who have lost their work placements due to Covid-19 and we are looking for sympathetic organisations who can offer them a suitable, alternative.

If you are an understanding, patient employer who may be able to provide these young adults a second chance, please email Liverpool City Council’s ILM Team or call us on 07738122691 for an informal, no obligation chat.

We offer employers a full support package which includes:

  • a dedicated Employment Support Officer who liaises regularly with the employer
  • a  dedicated Employment Support Coach who provides on the job support to the employee
  • free Disability Awareness Training to all staff
  • job Carving Analysis
  • basic, Easy Read and video format job placement specifications
  • support resources including cue cards, visual timetables)
“He’s is now back with the team. We missed him so much when he was furloughed. He is a very valued member of our group. We arranged for him to visit the shop on his birthday to share cake and presents. Also to explain the new social distancing rules so he would feel comfortable. He works very hard and we all love and appreciate him very much.”