Jackie found herself unemployed when her contract ended.

She had worked in finance for a number of years but now decided she wanted to work in a different sector altogether. She applied for several jobs and even managed to secure some interviews, but, unfortunately, she was unsuccessful on each occasion.

At this stage, she realised that she needed some support and so she got in touch with Liverpool In Work. We quickly put her in touch with Gillian, one of our Guidance Advisors. Together, they sat down and identified Jackie’s main strengths and abilities and also drew up a list of her transferrable skills.

Jackie was then able to use this information to better structure her applications and better sell herself to prospective employers. Gillian also coached her with interview technique and regularly sent out opportunities that she might be interested in.

Within a short time, Jackie had an interview for a Customer Advisor role at Liverpool City Council and was subsequently offered the job.

Jackie says: ‘Liverpool In Work were very helpful and supportive whilst I was looking for employment. They would regularly send me vacancies and other information. They also encouraged me along the way. It’s never easy being unemployed and their encouragement spurred me on to be more resilient.’

Gillian says: ‘We are so pleased with Jackie got this job. She deserves it due to her tenacious attitude in looking for work. We wish her every success in her new role.’