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Success Story

Philip started work programme with Liverpool in Work in 2012. Philip attended all his appointments on a regular basis, normally each month and despite this was unable to find suitable employment.
Once Liverpool in Work settled at the new office at Adult Learning Park Road. Job Cafés where set up every Wednesday and Thursday 9.3Oam till 4pm, there was dedicated advisors on these sessions to help and support customers, also Adult Learning IT Tutor for customers who needed help and support with IT problems or queries.

Philip took advantage of this and began to attend each week from the 13th January 2014, with the help from Liverpool in Work and Adult Learning Centre.  Philip updated his CV and began to apply for a wide range of different jobs.
On Thursday 30th January with the help from Liverpool in work, Philip applied for a job with Stewart Signs Rail he sent his CV off and didn't think he would hear back off them as he hadn’t heard back from any jobs that he has applied for.

On Tuesday 4th February 2014, Philip received a phone call from the company asking him to attend and interview! induction day with them, the interview was in Birkenhead. Philip attended the interview and was offered the position there and then for the labouring job. The job offer was subject to Philip having protective clothing and this is where Liverpool In Work helped him again. On the same day as the job offer we arranged for Philip to have all of the necessary protective clothing required and as a result of this he started work the very next day. In order to help Philip sustain his employment we also issued him with a monthly bus pass as he was travelling to the Wirral on a daily basis.
Philip came in to see me on the day he was offered the job, he was excited and happy that finally somebody had given him a chance. He was really pleased with the support that we gave him and we will continue to support him whilst in work via our ongoing in work support.
This just proves that work clubs work!! ! I!!

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