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Success Story

When I started my Level 2 in Preparing To Work in Adult Health and Social Care, I was nervous thinking I couldn't do it because of my confidence.  But when I had my first day, I made friends straight away and the tutors put me at ease making me feel reassure and knowing that if I needed anything the support was there for me.  As the course progressed my confidence did too.  As well as a qualification, I gained a range of new skills.  I really came out of my shell, and week by week. my folder grew and my writing improved too.  It was challenging but that's when I started to believe in myself, the challenge made me more determined and motivated, and not for one moment was I left on my own.  I always had the group around me and the tutors who helped me.  I'd like to thank Liverpool In Work, and Newsham Adult Learning Centre for their help and support throughout the course.  I am going on to employment and studying towards my Level 3.  "I'd recommend anuone who is thinking about Health and Social Care to contact Liverpool In Work.  Because the help and support you gain from it is fantastic!"

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