Success Story

Hamid had been working in a recycling company until he was made redundant in Jan 2013. He had only ever worked in recycling and was devastated when he lost his job. He was very worried about his future. He could not use computers and struggled to job search on the internet. He also needed help putting together a CV as his English was limited. His adviser understood his concerns and reassured him that he could help. He produced a CV and covering letter for him, and helped him with regular job searches. He also posted out Hamid’s CV to all the recycling firms in the area.

His adviser then decided to have a look at Hamid’s previous company’s website to see if anything had changed, and found that there were some vacancies. He immediately forwarded Hamid’s CV to the company and he was asked to attend an interview. He was offered a position and was so relieved to be back in work. His adviser issued him with a bus pass to help him with his first month’s travel, and Hamid’ didn’t have to worry about travel expenses...

Hamid said he was he delighted to get his job back, and over the moon with the help with travel expenses he had from Liverpool in Work. He said that as he would be working on the Wirral, it would have been a major worry for him to have to afford travel after being out of work. “I really appreciate what Liverpool in Work has done for me; I could not have managed without the help of my adviser and Liverpool in Work who have been brilliant”.

It is nice to see someone get back into work after such a difficult experience and into the type of job he was looking for. At Liverpool in Work, we were able to remove the worry of travel costs so he could concentrate on his job. He is back where he belongs.



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