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Success Story

Sharon became a Liverpool in Work client after being made redundant. She had the skills and qualifications to be able to work in a social care or health setting, but was finding that the type of jobs she wanted to apply for were hard to find, as lots of services she had known previously had ceased to exist. She was really proactive in applying for jobs, but her CV needed some work.

Her Guidance Officer helped her to put together an up-to-date CV, so she could send it to employers, or use it to apply for vacancies. She also received vacancies in the post from her Guidance Officer, and he also did regular job searches with her. From time to time however, she would get frustrated at not securing a position despite attending interviews, and her Guidance Officer was there to encourage her to keep going forward no matter what, and not give up. Eventually, her patience and hard work paid off as she gained a position as a Recovery Worker at HMP Liverpool in Spring 2013, and was delighted to have a found a job which suited her skills and abilities.

Sharon says she really appreciated the support, encouragement and all the time and effort her Guidance Officer put into supporting her to get a job. It was really frustrating going after job after job and not getting anywhere, but my Guidance Officer was always there to listen and help me keep moving forward. I am happy with my CV and appreciate having jobs sent out to me which was a big help.

Sharon has done really well after being made redundant which is very daunting for anyone. Although it was hard for her at times, she kept going. We are so pleased that Liverpool in Work was there for her when she needed help, and that we were able to play a part in helping her to get back on her feet. Well done Sharon!

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