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Success Story

Liam accessed the NEET team programme in September 2012. Liam lives in Norris Green with his mother and brother.  Liam’s passion was computers and technology which he’d dabble with for friends and family.  Having left school in 2012, Liam had been unsuccessful gaining employment in the sector he wished to kick start his career in.  Liam was given the usually employability support, CV, covering letter, application form support, interview techniques and assistance with job searching.


After a number of unsuccessful applications and interviews, Liam was getting very frustrated so I spoke to a number of specialists in the industry from Sony, Apple and Consultant.  All said that the route to a career in this area is university.  Liam was reluctant to pursue the university route do to the cost of going to university as he did not want to put that pressure on the household.  I suggested that Liam considers self employment as a route to university as Liam was still helping friends and family out with their IT glitches and he had also gained experience repairing smart phones. 


Working in partnership with his Job Centre Plus advisor, we suggested that Liam explores self employment.  Liam signed up with Centec for mentoring and gained support setting up his own business.


Liam has successfully started his own business and has just received an unconditional offer from university and starts his course in September 2014.


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