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Success Story

Language barrier was main problem for Mohammed. He had been job searching for 2 years but had No suitable CV and no support when job searching. He wanted a job for financial gain and to contribute to the state, and not being dependant on Job Seekers allowance.


We helped Mohammed by finding suitable courses, enhancing his English, creating an up to date CV and covering letters, job searching and applying for work  at appointments and in  Mohammed’s absence, with his consent and able to keep his morale up when he was feeling  down in his job search.


Mohammed did not speak good English when he first engaged on the Work Programme resulting in him lacking in confidence and feeling alone in his job search he had qualifications and work experience from his own country but they were not applicable here.


We created a suitable CV using the skills and experience he had and referred onto suitable courses to improve his English and boost his confidence resulting in him being able to go to interview for jobs and finding one that he enjoys.


The travel passes provided by Liverpool in Work enabled the customer to successfully complete his training and the Monthly Solo provided on securing employment at the end of his course reduced the financial pressure on the customer with starting a new job and having to wait a month until he got paid.

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