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Success Story

Guidance Officer Carlos tells us about Mahlet's journey

I first met Mahlet when she was referred to the Our Liverpool programme, by New Start Housing, back in December 2018. Following our first guidance session, I could see Mahlet’s willingness to develop herself academically and professionally in the UK, having been granted Refugee Status in October 2018.

Prior to our first meeting, Mahlet had already completed an ESOL course - when still seeking asylum and she had also started a pre-access to health course at the City of Liverpool College, as her goal is to be involved in the medical profession.

Following our first session, I identified an excellent level of the English language, which resulted in a better understanding moving forward with the programme of support. Using the NARIC database, I converted Mahlet’s Ethiopian qualification to the UK system, as well as completing a CV session in which I created a new CV for her.

When completing a Work Star – guidance tool to better assess a required programme of support – it was clear that Mahlet could benefit from completing an Interpreting training in order to utilize her language skills. Shortly after our third guidance session, Mahlet registered onto our Interpreting Level I course, which she completed successfully in June 2018.

Having completed her Pre – Access course with the City of Liverpool College, Mahlet was not sure whether to apply for the Access to Science course - as she was still relying on welfare support and it was a greater commitment. We decided to assess her options in terms of a possible part-time job by completing a Back to Work calculation and we agreed that she should apply for the course.

Following her registration for the Access to Science course with the City of Liverpool College in September 2019, we decided to increase Mahlet’s job search sessions. As a result of our in depth job search sessions, Mahlet was invited to an interview with Community Integrated Care – Support Worker, where she was successful at her interview and was offered a part-time role (21 hours per week).

The employment opportunity allowed Mahlet more financial independence as well as having the ability to gain experience in a health related sector – therefore linking the job with her studies.

Mahlet is now attending an Access to Science course, Interpreting Level II course as well as working as a Support Worker part-time. As part of the support provided to Mahlet through the Our Liverpool programme, we have arranged In Work Support appointments to make sure Mahlet is aware she has my support. Although Mahlet’s is still dealing with a housing situation – and she is in the process of leaving the supported accommodation – her academic and employment prospects going forward are very bright.

As a result of her participation in Our Liverpool & Liverpool in Work programmes, Mahlet has made the following statement “The support provided by the programme and Carlos has been amazing and it has allowed me to better integrate onto a new culture and further develop my skills in order to achieve my goals“

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