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Success Story

Liz had previously been helped into work by Liverpool in Work and when she was made redundant she was keen to retrain so as to stop claiming Job seekers allowance. Liz is living with her daughter and would like to be able to contribute to the house hold income.


She was put forward for interview with a new organisation Alpha Care Cleaning and Maintenance as an Industrial Cleaner and was highlighted in a group of customers who were identified as they had the best attitude and were willing to try different things.


The customers then completed 5 weeks of training with Alpha Care Cleaning and Maintenance including adult social care course, moving and handling, COSHH and infection control training. Once the course was completed Liz waited for a CRB check and then started work.


Retraining from her role as store manager to a completely different role as industrial cleaner shows how eager she is to find work. Liz attended 100% of the course and has a positive attitude about getting back into employment.


She was helped by the work put in by her business buddy Lynne Debbazi to set up the new route way with Alpha Care Cleaning and Maintenance. It has been a great success.

Liz is delighted, relieved and ready to go. Hopes it will last as long as possible. 


The travel passes provided by Liverpool in Work enabled the customer to successfully complete his Cleaning Routeway training and the Monthly Solo provided on securing employment at the end of his course reduced the financial pressure on the customer with starting a new job and having to wait a month until he got paid.

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