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Success Story

James was keen to find work so Liverpool in Work gave him the right advice and ensured he was applying for the right type of job. To do this we focused his job applications using universal job match to sales and call centre work. Also working with our Business Buddy Lynne Debbazi who had contacts within the sales sector. Lynne gave James a mock interview and some useful tips regarding the company she had approached about James.  James met the criteria for the Youth Contract Initiative which offers the employer a cash incentive for taking on an unemployed 18 – 24 yr old. 

The team work between James’s Guidance officer and business buddy is what makes this story stand out, the business buddy put James in touch with a great employer and liaised with the employer to offer an interview to James, as a result of the buddy's and guidance officers' input the employer was impressed with his knowledge of the company and the standard and calibre of the candidate. 

The employer offered James the position, it was a win-win  situation with a great result for all particularly James who gained employment and the employer who accessed additional funding which he will receive after James has been in employment for 6 months.   

James feels relieved to have found work as 3 months out of work was too long for him. He is really happy and looking forward to the challenge.


In addition, the Monthly Solo provided on securing employment at the end of his course reduced the financial pressure on the customer with starting a new job and having to wait a month until he got paid.

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