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Success Story

Gill has been a barber for over 30yrs and felt she was stuck in a rut and was unhappy in her job. She wanted to challenge herself in a new career but didn't know how to go about finding a new career. Plus Dane sent her a text message saying employment support was available to help people to find work or go on to training courses so she called to make an appointment and was referred to me to see if we could help.

Gill attended our appointment and told me she was open to most careers but what she would like was to become a Phlebotomist but didn't know if she would need training and also she didn't feel confident about using computers when it comes to applying for jobs as she had never needed them before. I told her I can help her with applying for jobs and also look into training programs and courses in learning computer skill which Gill was happy to do. We then made an appointment every week and Gill would have jobs she was interested in applying for and I would help her apply for them with the information she would give me and also help with application techniques to help make her application stand out to an employee. Whilst on Lockdown Gill was furloughed and needed advice about claiming benefits which I was able to do and she was able to claim UC.

Gill applied for a few jobs and two with the NHS one was for a blood carer and the other to train as a Phlebotomist. She was offered an interview for both vacancies and took the time to do the research about the NHS and the job she would be expected to do. She was offered a position with both jobs, the blood carer was a 12 month contract and Phlebotomist was a permanent position. Gill decided to go with the Phlebotomist position as she had always had an interest in this job and plus it was a permanent position. She is now just waiting on police checks and for a starting date.

Gill is very happy to have the chance of a new start and feels more confident knowing she can do these things and is happy to push herself more and says that she ‘could have never had done or got the job without the help and support she received from Craig’ and is very thankful.


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