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Success Story

Ann Marie was in a part time cleaning job but felt she was on the wrong track.

She really wanted to work in security as she had recently completed the SIA course and gained her badge. So she approached Liverpool In Work for help. She re-registered with us in early July and within a couple of days was invited for an interview as a Rail Support Officer with Carlisle Security. She did well at the interview and was absolutely thrilled to be offered the job a few days later.

She was completely amazed at how quickly she had found her dream job. She said “Liverpool in Work encouraged me do the SIA course in the first place...and now they have helped me find the job I have always wanted. I am delighted that I am now on the right track."

Lynne Debbazi, from the Business Team who arranged the interview, said "This is a fantastic outcome for Ann Marie and for Liverpool in Work. We are passionate about helping people, and it’s excellent to see someone get the job they have always wanted. At Liverpool in Work, we work very closely as a whole team to help clients get to where they need to go, and is so good to see what a difference we can make in a clients lives."

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