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Success Story

Samantha Gardner
Aged 22
Unemployed graduate

The leadership team at Chas E Prossor have been delighted with the support received from Liverpool-in-Work in the recruitment of individuals and the subsequent loyalty and development of those employees. Liverpool in Work were instrumental in the recruitment of their client Samantha Gardener tom the post of Sales Administrator
While applying for full-time roles, Samantha made good use of her time by volunteering at Belle Vale job centre to develop her administrative skills. During this time she:

• Shadowed case managers when making decisions on claimant’s cases and shadowed telephony staff in the call centre when contacting claimants regarding their claims.
• Attended managerial, cross site and staff performance meetings.
• Developed further ICT skills and experienced software used in administrative roles.
• Completed several online Civil Service Learning courses.
• Participated in a panel meeting with site managers to decide which members of staff should be rewarded for outstanding performance which developed my communication skills and confidence.
• Experienced a variety of civil service roles including benefit services, debt management services, business support and telephony.

This role, together with her Christmas holiday work experience was critical to her interview where she was able to demonstrate her abilities as a quick learner and dedicated hard worker.

Samantha joined Chas E Prossor & Company Limited with no formal sales training nor sales experience as the Sales Administration Support. Her excellent ICT skills, together with her teamwork and communications skills meant that she quickly established herself in the role.
Samantha worked with the sales team to execute the daily tasks required:

• Raising orders from customer emails
• Preparing product lists for tenders
• Handling customer queries (email/Phone)
• Resolving customer issues
• Updating contact lists/ Customer Relationship Management information
• Collating customer data for annual reviews
• Helping screen incoming calls

Samantha’s excellent performance in the role was rewarded, initially with a permanent contract after 6 months’ probation, then within 12 months when she earned Sales Team bonus. Since then Samantha is a key member of the Sales team, holding responsibility for her own nominated customers, as well as assisting with the development of the new Sales Administration Support recruit.

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