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Success Story

Angela had been unemployed and had been working with Helen from the Springboard project in Belle Vale.

She had wanted to work in the Social Care Sector but did not have the experience so she was referred to a  Liverpool in Work advisor.  The client  was informed about the  Social Care Route Way programme which  is a nine - twelve week course  delivered by the Adult Learning Service (ALS), Liverpool Social Care Partnership and Liverpool in Work.

She decided to attend the course as this would give her the relevant qualifications required for her chosen career.

All the course is classroom based where clients gain recognised qualfications whilst still receiving support from the Liverpool in Work advisors.Whilst on the Route Way programme clients are guaranteed  an interview with an employer from the care sector.

Angela informed her advisor that she is enjoying the course and has learnt a lot from going on the course.

She also stated that due to the support from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, who had provided her with her travel pass, she was able to start the course.

As a result of completing  the Route Way programme and support with the travel from the (LSTF) Angela has gained employment  and she will start in the next few weeks.

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