Supported Accommodation Providers & Technology Companies - Open Market Consultation Day


DN373795    Supported Accommodation Providers & Technology Companies - Open Market Consultation Day Invitation

Liverpool City Council would like to invite all Supported Accommodation providers operating within Liverpool City area and technology companies that have technologies that can improve the care of people living in supported accommodation, to an Open Market Consultation day on the 23rd November 2018.

The aim of the event is to bring together both technology companies and Supported Accommodation providers interested in working together to introduce digitalised care records and assisted technology within the City of Liverpool. 

 The event will be at Lace Conference Centre, Croxteth Dr, Sefton Park, Liverpool L17 1AA 23rd November 9.00am till 1.30pm. 

There are currently 976 service users housed in supported accommodation across the city. The majority of service users who require this service have a learning disability (52%) or mental health needs (39%).  40 providers are currently commissioned, which includes Liverpool City Council as a provider for internal supported accommodation.

The new system will provide to the Care organisation as a minimum:

  • Digital care planning
  • Electronic Medicines Management – including an alert if the medicines were not delivered

The new system will have an open API which will be able to be integrated between both health care and social care systems as the authority moves towards integration with the local health services.

It is expected that any new system will provide to the Family members of the cared for the opportunity to check the care delivered through an App. 

The competitive phase of the open procurement procedure for the technology will be conducted separately after the open market consultation and all potential bidders will be treated equally.  The Care organisations will hold the contract for the technology.

The technology will be already developed and will be operational.  It is expected that the technology will start to be rolled out across the Supported Accommodation.

If you think your organisation can supply the technology we require and you would like to attend the event, please can RSVP to  by 16th November 2018 and we will allocate a time for you to make your presentation to the Supported Accommodation Providers.



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