Our Liverpool Strategy

On 19 June, Liverpool City Council launched it's 'Our Liverpool' Strategy.

This strategy sets out the Our Liverpool vision of making Liverpool a welcoming and safe place for refugees, people seeking asylum and other vulnerable migrants to rebuild their lives.

Our Liverpool will help vulnerable migrants, people seeking asylum and those with refugee status:

* get the support they are entitled to get
* live independent and healthy lives
* contribute their skills to Liverpool society

The City Council has pledged the following support:

Education: We will get school-aged children into a classroom as fast as possible, and work with schools and other organisations to make this happen.

Community development: Our team members based in Picton, Tuebrook and Kensington children’s centres will link those in need up with all the services they are entitled to access.

Money and housing: As soon as a person gains refugee status, we want to reduce their risk of becoming homeless by helping them set up a bank account, find housing and apply for a job or benefits.

Migrant rough sleeping: We will work with existing services to help European Union migrants find a place to live and stop them becoming homeless.

Well-being: We will provide more places on the 5 ways to well-being course for people new to our city, as well as other learners.

Learning English: English classes with a crèche will be open to people with refugee status or asylum seekers who have been waiting a decision for over six months.

Employment: We will help refugees find a job, work experience or a chance to volunteer or study.

And to achieve this last pledge, Liverpool In Work has dedicated two of it's Guidance Officers to work closely with people to support them on their journey.

(In the first 6 months, Richard and Carlos have registered 49 refugees who have received 1-2-1 information and guidance. Delivered 1 group session on Understanding UK Work Culture. Placed 5 people into work. 2 into voluntary work. 25 through training.)


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